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Earlier tonight I completed – and passed – the Magento Certification Test, thus becoming a certified Magento developer. I must say the test was not nearly as easy as I thought it would be. The questions are multiple choice but use checkboxes rather than radio buttons. Quite a few of the questions were either obscure, had an ambiguous question or answers or relied entirely on terminology which I wouldn’t consider to be standard in any way. Thankfully, it appears that if you have spent an unreasonable amount of time working on Magento code, as I have, then passing is not impossible. I’d be interested to know what other people thought of it!


  1. 26 June 10:21 am

    Where can I apply for this cert Chris? Thanks

  2. 26 June 1:58 pm

    Hi Alex, you can find the certification page here:
    Good luck! :)

  3. smily
    29 June 2:58 pm

    Hi Chris,

    I’d love to try out the certification test too but that link redirects to the home page for me and I can’t find a mention of it anywhere, it’s like it no longer exists or perhaps the link is wrong. How did you find out about it?


  4. 27 July 5:33 pm

    Hi Chris,

    Can you let me know where can I get information regarding the certification ? I am in India and want to know more about the same.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.


  5. 22 August 7:37 pm


    have you a coorect link to the magento certification page ?

  6. Sean B
    1 April 2:15 am


    Today I took, but failed, the Magento certified developer test. I found that 90% of it was trick questions with misleading answers. I’m no stranger to certification tests and usually score in the high passing range. Since they offer no numeric scoring I have no way to know exactly how I did on it.

    I have been working with Magento carts for 2 years now and I am primarily a php/mysql developer. I have a lot of experience with Zend as well. I would say that this was a difficult test, but a more accurate description is that it is in unfair test in its use of trick answers and the subject matter that has very little to do with using or customizing Magento. I’m not just saying this because I failed it. Had I managed a passing grade I would say the same thing about it. There were several grammatical nightmares on the test like it was written by a non-native English speaker.

    This sentence from their test description sums it up:

    “The questions of the tests are multiple-choice question with only one or more answers”

    The test was as confusing as this sentence is to me. Maybe I just received a batch of randomly selected extra difficult questions this time around. I am going to study up some more and re-take the test in about two weeks.

    Personally I don’t think someone’s ability to navigate trick questions is a test of knowledge. All that it does is cause a random factor in test results because a lot of guessing occurs.

    By the way, your page was the only one I could find that offered any insight on what to expect from this exam. I would love to see what other people thought of this test as well.



  7. Sean B
    1 April 2:19 am

    In answer to people who say that the link redirects to the home page. You have to be logged in to successfully make it to that certification page. Create an account on the MagentoCommerce site and then try the link. It works.


  8. Dead link
    18 June 12:27 pm


    It seems that they stopped this certification.
    Any news ?

    Thank you.

  9. 27 September 10:29 pm


    Is Magento certification program still available ?

    Web Developers

  10. Magento Learner
    31 October 5:00 pm


    I understand there is check box for multi option selection. But is there hint like “select 2 options” or “select 3 options”. Actually it should be there same as in Zend PHP certification exam.

  11. Magento Learner
    31 October 5:08 pm

    Magento Developer certification Beta was launched in 4 Oct 2011, how this blog can be written in 2009

  12. Sean Breeden
    12 January 7:17 am

    They attempted to create a Magento certification in 2009. I was in that beta group and the first beta group at Innovate 2011.

  13. Sean Breeden
    15 March 6:06 am

    I passed the Magento Certified Developer test on 3/13/12! I failed the beta, then failed one other attempt before passing it this time. All I can say is study study study.

  14. dhaval
    18 March 7:21 pm


    I would like to give exam.But don’t know how to prepare for the Magento Certified Developer Test.

    So if possible then please guide me in correct direction.


  15. ali
    20 March 11:52 pm

    Does anyone know what is the passing score for the exam?