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I am having some issues with the Magento translation tool – mostly that it doesn’t allow for version 1.0 translations – so I am posting this unofficial translation here. It’s fairly complete spelling-wise and is only lacking a look over for grammatical changes and places where entirely different words are used, rather than just a spelling change. An example that springs to mind is “State/Province” possibly being changed to “State/Territory”.

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Update: Please note that en_AU is now included by default in Magento so all this is unnecessary.

Simple tip here on how to enable the “English (Australia)” locale in Magento: simply go to app/etc/config.xml and, under config->global->locale->allow->codes add in the text <en_AU/>. Your config file should have something similar to the following:


You can even do this before installation to allow the selection of the Australian locale during the install process.

If anyone has attempted to watch H.264 video on an older PC you know what a frustrating experience it can be due to the ridiculous amount of CPU the decoding eats up. CoreAVC is a Windows codec that dramatically reduces that load. Being a Windows codec we Linux users are left in the cold (we’re getting used to it) – but I just discovered a project that rectifies that situation! The aptly named CoreAVC for Linux is a set of patches for mplayer, etc to allow them to load the CoreAVC codec through DirectShow emulation. Or something.

I haven’t tried it out myself as I watch all my videos on my desktop, which is more than capable of handling HD H.264 videos, even with inefficient decoding. Someone give it a go and let me know if it works!

Now that Leopard has been released a few people are commenting on the usability of Time Machine as a backup system for “ordinary people”. As is usually the case, what Apple have done here is slap a GUI on functionality that Linux and UNIX systems have had for years. Naturally though, because Time Machine looks so pretty and is grabbing more headlines that the humble rsync, there are some efforts to bring a similar system to Linux.

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If you are in the business of creating web sites and applications you might find the following resources helpful:

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The debate about using tabs or spaces for indenting code. Which to use?

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