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Yes folks, my new PC is now up and running. Everything seems to have gone swimmingly hardware-wise. Today I got the final pieces of the system: a Winfast 8800GTS 640MB and a Ritmo “55-in-1″ card reader.

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If you are in the business of creating web sites and applications you might find the following resources helpful:

Apache Ant Homepage
Phing Homepage
Building Web Applications With Apache Ant – Julien Lecomte
Trimming comments in HTML documents using Apache Ant – Julien Lecomte
Improve Your Build Process with Ant – ONLamp
Ant sucks for FTP deployment РWhat alternatives do we have? РFelix Geisend̦rfer

PC Perspective has an excellent article entitled Rendering Games with Raytracing Will Revolutionize Graphics that goes through some of the progress made on real-time ray tracing engines and what the future might hold, at least according to Intel. If you don’t know what ray tracing is, the Wikipedia has the dirt as usual.

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There is a new 2.2 release of Julien Lecomte’s fantastic YUI Compressor for minifying JavaScript. This version has some modified command line parameters and has further improved support for safely minifying JavaScript code.

Download here

Microsoft opens up test suites and development assistance for Moonlight, AMD opens up the specifications for their ATI GPUs and now QNX have announced they will open up the code for their Neutrino operating system! Has the world gone open crazy?

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This Saturday is Software Freedom Day, a day celebrating free and open source software and acting as a means of educating the public about FOSS and encouraging its use. There is an event in Melbourne, called Software Freedom Day Bazaar, at the Melbourne Town Hall from 11am until 4pm. Cost of admission is free.

Were it not for Manifest running on the same day I’d be interested in attending.