Inaugural Post

Hello everyone and welcome to my new website – and the first post of my blog! The old site was pretty bad and hacked together just to get something up. I planned to eventually develop it into a simple content management system but time and elemental forces prevented me from doing so. Instead, I tried out a bunch of existing software and eventually settled on WordPress.

I must say that I'm highly impressed with the system and I can see why it's one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world. I also thought

Jaws was quite good but, overall, I wanted a blog with a few CMS features, rather than a CMS with blogging added in.

Next I had to develop a custom theme for the site. Since I'm a web developer I needed something that was visually appealing and used proper HTML and CSS. Since I try to be realistic (and the previously mentioned forces are still affecting me) I decided to use an existing theme that I liked and modify it to suit. It turns out that one of the benefits of using a popular piece of web software is that you are not found wanting for themes.

Although I found dozens of great themes I went with Urgent 1.0 and changed a few things until I was happy with it. Mostly this was to do with the header and navigation areas. The images were created with a combination of The GIMP and Adobe Photoshop but the icons are stock icons I found under open licenses (correct me if I'm wrong). In case you were wondering, yes, the silhouette is from a photo of me.

Now that I've divulged how the blog came into being, what can you expect me to post here? I think it will mostly be things relating to my work in the software engineering department at Melbourne University, my work as a web developer and whatever else I feel like rambling on about. I think it's a safe bet that anime and manga will turn up at some point. :)

I also expect that the actual theme for the site will gradually change over time as I adapt it to fit in more with my "long-term vision" of how it will look. Don't expect major changes or for these to come quickly.

Well, that does it for my first post. Now to get started on some more!