Ubuntu on a Dell: Happy Ending?

I think my RAIDing days are over. I tried and tried … and tried, and failed. Perhaps Ubuntu is not yet ready for RAID. Perhaps I am not worthy. Regardless, I packed in the towel on having an ultra-cool and very geeky RAID1 system set up and started setting up a boring rsync backup system. At least with Linux I can rsync most of the system files as well so, should the dreading day come, recovering from a catastrophic hard drive failure will be fairly quick and painless.

Let's hope that day never comes!

I did get the chance to install Ubuntu again as a simple desktop system. I used the alternate install CD again since I like the X setup in that … and I was trying to recover some geek points. I now have to write up the scripts to do the regular backups. I'm currently trying to work out what a decent interval between syncs is. I think every hour might be too often and a day's interval seems like too long. Anyone have any suggestions?