Software Engineering Reading List (Part 1)

This is a more general reading list for software engineers than my previous [book lists][2] that covers articles, essays, blog posts and journal papers. Because I'm planning ahead, I'm calling this Part 1 and expecting more lists to come in the future.

No Silver Bullet by Fred Brooks, 1987.

The New Methodology by Martin Fowler, 2005.

Is Design Dead? by Martin Fowler, 2004.

Continuous Integration by Martin Fowler, 2006.

The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code by Joel Spolsky, 2000.

Human Task Switches Considered Harmful by Joel Spolsky, 2001.

Painless Software Schedules by Joel Spolsky, 2000.

Simplicity by Joel Spolsky, 2006.

Can Your Programming Language Do This? by Joel Spolsky, 2006.

Reading List: Fog Creek Software Management Training Program by Joel Spolsky, 2005.

Making Wrong Code Look Wrong by Joel Spolsky, 2005.

The Art in Programming by Andy hunt and Dave Thomas, 2001.

Mock Objects by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas, 2002.

Zero-Tolerance Construction by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas, 2002.

Preparing the Raw Material by Any Hunt and Dave Thomas, 2003.

Nurturing Requirements by Andy hunt and Dave Thomas, 2004.

Practice by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas, 2004.

Software Quality at Top Speed by Steve McConnell, 1996.

Less is More by Steve McConnell, 1997.

The Power of Process by Steve McConnell, 1998.

Rumors of Software Engineering's Death are Greatly Exaggerated by Steve McConnell, 2007.