If you're using Linux (and GNOME desktop, although I don't think it's essential) and want to run a few Windows programs then you should check out Wine-doors, which aims to make installing Windows applications in Linux as easy as possible. Basically, each application is wrapped in a bunch of supporting information and scripts to run and install the program so that each application can have custom tweaks applied to it. Wine-doors also has a few repositories which allows you to browse available applications like you would in Synaptic or another deb-based installer.

Wine-doors is only at version 0.1 now and has support for a very limited number of Windows programs but hopefully this will improve over time – maybe a few readers would even like to help out? I'm going to see if I can get Zoom Player running as that's one of the only programs I miss from Windows. Seeing as it's DirectShow-based I'm not too hopeful. The applications present in the Wine-doors' repository seem to work alright – it at least takes some of the hassle out of running them with Wine.