Xinu: Web Site Statistics Dashboard

Update: You can find my improved English translation here: It seems Smashing Magazine also appreciate Xinu, see it their in list of web designer checkpoints.

Xinu is a nifty little web application that collects all sorts of information about a URL that you give it – such as Google PageRank, Alexa ranking, a screenshot, W3C validation results, etc – and displays it all on a single page, in a kind of dashboard style layout. It's very handy for site administrators who want a quick overview (and links to more info) for the status of their pages. You can even create PDF reports.

Whilst the author seems to have somewhat abandoned the project he has [released the Xinu code][3] into the world under a Creative Common Attribution 2.5 license, which means people are free to distribute and modify the code as long as credit is given. I can see a few areas where improvements are needed and would be fairly easy, such as improving the English translation which seems to have been done via Google Translate, so I might have a play around with the code and see what I can come up with. From my brief glance at the code, it isn't great but I didn't really expect it to be otherwise. After making a few improvements I might even host my own copy for everyone to use.

I actually made a suggestion a while back to improve the layout of the PDF reports but now that the code is open I should do it myself. I also just noticed that my site is shown as invalid XHTML but a visit to the W3C validator site (linked to through Xinu) shows that it is valid so that needs looking at!