USB Pen Disk

Quite possibly one of the most convenient "new" computer technologies, USB disks are gradually starting to replace pretty much all other forms of file transfer for me. It's quicker to put some files on a disk to take to uni than to send them via email (seriously slow upload speeds). It's more convenient, and cheaper, to put anime series and the like on my iPod (30GB) rather than burning a bunch of DVDs. Hell, you can even boot off USB disks now!

The reason for this rant is today's purchase of a 4GB USB pen drive. A snazzy little orange plastic and aluminium job. It's made by some brand I've never heard of: Tomato Flash. I was actually ripped off as it was $98 but I knew this since I was buying it at uni, which isn't exactly the most wallet-friendly place on Earth (interesting, considering the average student income). (I bought it because I wanted to get 4GB worth of anime from a student of mine!) Still, such a small disk which is almost the capacity of a DVD should last a while, and is a lot more convenient to carry around than an iPod with the connection cable.

I'll probably buy a 16GB one once they get cheap enough since that should do away with the iPod completely for file transfers, leaving it free for music. :)