Chris sees an iPhone

I had the opportunity to see an actual iPhone in action today. I must say that, even though I've seen plenty of pictures and read a bunch of reviews on the product, I was surprised as how nice it looked. They're quite small and the touch interface is pretty slick. Browsing the web with Safari was pretty simple for such a small device and a couple other apps I saw looked good as well. I didn't get long to gawk at it though so I don't have anything in-depth to report.

It does make me wonder when exactly Apple will release them down under. I sincerely hope that the few annoyances they have are sorted out by then: things like phone company lock-in and charging 99 cents US (which should be $1.69 here, same as iTunes songs) is all kinds of ridiculous. Allowing for 3rd party applications would be good too. As a web developer I think that because of the iPhone, combined with the new iPod Touch, Mobile Safari is going to become more and more popular so I'd better start looking into how to make my sites compatible with it.