Backup Solutions for Linux

Now that Leopard has been released a few people are commenting on the usability of Time Machine as a backup system for "ordinary people". As is usually the case, what Apple have done here is slap a GUI on functionality that Linux and UNIX systems have had for years. Naturally though, because Time Machine looks so pretty and is grabbing more headlines that the humble rsync, there are some efforts to bring a similar system to Linux.

Two that I've found are

TimeVault and the newer FlyBack, which makes no excuse about being a lame Time Machine clone … without the actual clone part since it's not nearly as nice looking.

Of course, if you don't go in for all this pretentious GUI crap, you can also use tools which do the same thing but are designed to run as simple daemons. Some popular ones are Dirvish and rsnapshot. If you want to get really fancy and space efficient you can even go for something like [rdiff-backup][6], which only stores the change deltas of older versions of files.

Personally I store all my important work in a Subversion repository since I normally do development work with it anyway. It's not very space efficient but a lot more powerful.

What backup system do you use? If you're a Linux user, did I miss any good ones?