I’m Not Dead Yet!

There has been a disturbing lack of activity on this blog over the last month but, rest assured, I am still alive and well. I've been taking a holiday of sorts from blogging but now I plan on getting back to business.

The new year has brought a change for me – I am now working at [Fontis IT][1] alongside two of my friends from my days at uni (when I was still a student that is); it's nice knowing other people at work right off the bat. I'm still continuing with the jobs I was doing before but now I have a nicer place to work (an office in the city) and the promise of further projects to work on after I'm done with my current batch . Overall I think it should be beneficial for everyone!

So, happy new year, I'm back, back again (tell a friend) and I hope to get some good posts up soon. I predict the first will be dealing with my further experience with ExtJS and jQuery.

[1]: http://www.fontis.com.au/