Ah Bugs…

I discovered a few flaws in my Magento Australia module, all of which were due to my own silliness. It's funny how bugs tend to pop up in the simplest of places due to the developer missing them while he concentrates on the more advanced stuff.

The first, which was pointed out by Ajazza on the initial post I made for the module, concerned Australia Post shipping to New Zealand. Apparently Australia Post does not offer sea shipping to NZ because the price was coming up as $0.00! I have now corrected this so that it checks if a price will be zero and, if so, does not display that price.

The second two were just things I'd forgotten to do before releasing the module: adding the final BPAY display code to the "info" block as well as the "form" block (so it shows up in the customer's account area) and changing the BPAY logo URL to be more generic rather than specific to people running Magento on their localhost! Both changes have exposed other things I need to figure out: how do I get the full BPAY info to display in the customer's order info but not in the admin area? Currently it's just throwing up errors. And what's the best way of providing an image as part of a module? I'd also like to know if the template changes could be stored in a directory under the main module code, rather than requiring the admin to install this separately.