Magento 1.0 en_AU Translation

I am having some issues with the Magento translation tool – mostly that it doesn't allow for version 1.0 translations – so I am posting this unofficial translation here. It's fairly complete spelling-wise and is only lacking a look over for grammatical changes and places where entirely different words are used, rather than just a spelling change. An example that springs to mind is "State/Province" possibly being changed to "State/Territory".



It should install like any other translation. Hopefully I can get this uploaded to the official list soon enough.

One interesting thing that came up while doing the translation was how powerful the shell (bash) was for assisting me in finding places to correct words. I ended up using the following code to find misspellings in all the CSV files:

cat *.csv | cut -d ',' -f 2 | aspell -l en_AU list | sort | uniq

Basically it will output all the text in the files into a single stream which gets piped into cut to extract the second column (the text that needs to be translated) which is then sent to aspell for spell checking. The output from aspell is then sorted and duplicate words removed. You therefore end up with a nice list of the words that are wrong – or at least that aspell thinks are wrong – which you can put into grep to find exact lines locations:

grep -in word *.csv

This will find all the occurrences of "word" in all of the CSV files and print output which tells you the file where it was found and the line numbers. For example:

Mage_FileName.csv:25:"This is a line where word appears."

Since some of the lines can get quite long, which are then wrapped, and can make it harder to read, I like to cut off the output of the line itself:

grep -in word *.csv | cut -d ':' -f 1,2

The only problem with using aspell is that it doesn't actually have a dictionary for Australian English! Thus I had to use grep (in a similar method to above) to hunt down words that needed changing. The ones I found are: catalog, color, honor, initialise, authorise (etc), initialization (etc), canceled, and check (=> cheque). The good thing about using aspell is that it does pick up words that are simply misspelt – so the Australian translation is currently more correct than the US English version! Running the same commands over the en_US version will pick up a few spelling mistakes that can be corrected.

I hope this could help someone in doing their own translation – I'm often amazed at how much effort is discarded by a few simple shell commands.

Finally, please let me know if you find any problems with the translation I have created. I'm interested in feedback on any grammatical issues and whether we should have things like Province => Territory.