Updates for Australia extension

The latest version of the Australia extension, 0.6.0 in my arbitrary number scheme, was uploaded to Magento Connect this morning. The major change for this version was the inclusion of a Paymate payment method. There were also numerous bug fixes and minor improvements.

Paymate integration is proving to be quite interesting for a couple of reasons. There's the usual problem working with more advanced Magento modules where it's difficult to find any decent documentation and you're forced to crawl through code and use trial-and-error to work things out.

Paymate itself also adds to the challenge now though as their publicly available documentation and the user interface itself seem a bit incomplete. For example, when making a payment there's no (obvious) way for a customer to cancel a payment – they'd have to either go back in their browser or simply enter some incorrect credit card details. This seems like a rather serious oversight so I shall be following it up with Paymate later. The other example I have from the API documentation is that the state field is not actually listed in the available fields but I discovered it is available for use by simply trying it out in the GET variables.

Currently there are still some outstanding bugs in this release but it should be ready for testing at the very least. The Paymate method probably has the most obvious one in that, when a customer makes a payment they are returned to a screen telling them their shopping cart is empty. This is meant to be the checkout success page but currently the order is being saved and the session wiped before the customer is redirected so it doesn't actually work like that. The order does go through and everything works but I'm still working on how to get to the success page.

The other major-ish bug I know of is in the BPAY code in the admin area. It doesn't actually tell you what reference code the customer was given, which would make it a bit harder to verify that you have the right payment for an order. I will soon be modifying the BPAY module anyway to have it allow for the reference codes to be based on the order ID, which will make matching them up far easier.

Beyond those bugs there are few more improvements I'd like to make but they're not really urgent.

As usual, I'd love to get feedback from the community about these extensions. Particularly any bugs I may be missing. You can also expect Paymate integration into the New Zealand extension very soon.