Shazam on Nokia E71

I discovered Shazam in the Ovi Store list of recommended apps. This is something iPhone users have had for a while but has had only limited availability for Symbian devices. Curious, I decided to try it out.

The first thing to note is that the app is a 30 trial version. After the trial period you have to pay for it, or switch to "Shazam Lite". Given that this app will likely only hold novelty value for me, I doubt I'll pay money for it.

Music detection seems to work pretty well. It successfully tagged tracks from The Offspring, Atreyu, Crowded House, The Vines and the Avenue Q soundtrack. It couldn't handle one the Harry Potter soundtracks, Mephiskapheles or Heartsdales. I guess it will work fine for more common songs but will choke on slightly obscure ones.

The real test will be how it handles songs on the radio or broadcast in a public space – the ones I don't already know. The Ovi Store also lists a couple other apps of this type so I'll try those out as well. One even claims to be able to detect songs being hummed. Let's see how that deals with my tonedeaf humming!