About Me

I am a web developer and software engineer working at Fontis in Melbourne. I would previously moonlight as a supervisor for 3rd and 4th year software engineering projects at Melbourne University.

This blog is intended to be personal writing only, but there are many older articles on here from many years ago, so here's some context.


I have over a decade of experience in designing static web pages, eCommerce sites, content management systems and general small-medium scale software development. I have worked on many small to large-scale web sites, primarily working with the open source eCommerce software Magento and do the majority of my current work with it.

On top of the work I do on web-based applications, I have plenty of experience administering Linux systems, managing basic networks and providing general technical support. But providing technical support is awful and not something I enjoy doing.


I graduated with a VCE from Gisborne Secondary College in 2001.

I received a Bachelor of Engineering (Software) from The University of Melbourne in 2006.


I enjoy spending time with my friends, watching TV and movies, reading, keeping up with the latest happenings around the web and getting as much sleep as I can cram into my days.