Ctrl+Alt+Del vs. Penny Arcade

Now I would like to start by saying that I'm a big fan of both comics and, for the most part I don't mind the rivalry between the two comics and the similarities between them. Occasionally though I come across a comic that is just way too close for comfort. Such is the case with the newest Ctrl+Alt+Del: Now compare that to this Penny Arcade comic from exactly two months Read On →

2007 Linux Graphics Survey

Using Linux? Take part in Phoronix's 2007 Linux Graphics Survey.

“Direct From The US”

Recently Australia has started to see a kind of evolution of the way we are presented with television. By this I mean networks putting more effort (and money) into allowing us to see programs soon after they are aired in the US. Of course the marketing speak like "streamed direct from the US" sometimes makes you wonder how they can consider a week later to be "direct" but this is easy to forgive. Read On →

Civilization IV

I haven't written a post for quite some time. The blame lies entirely on Civilization IV (Civ4) – specifically the "Complete" pack that I bought the other day. I really can't stress enough how addictive this game is! Seriously, several times now I have sat down to play for "half an hour or so" only to stop later and realise that half a day has passed. So I guess caution is advised if you're going to play this game. Read On →

Simple Tags

I've been running version 2.3 of WordPress for a couple weeks now and I'm getting more accustomed to using tags with my posts. One thing that struck me about the default handling of tags is that, while free form, it's a bit unwieldy for long term use. For example, you have to remember what you named various tags ("did I use web or internet?"). The [Simple Tags][1] plugin gets rid of most of the problems associated with tagging and makes it an absolute joy to use – I've been using for editing my posts for a few days now and I love it. Read On →

Sun Lively Kernel

If you've ever wanted web application programming to be a little more like desktop application programming then have a look at Sun's experimental Lively Kernel project.


If you play (live?) Second Life then you might be interested in Katharine Berry's AjaxLife, an AJAX client for the game. You can also find the source on Google Code.


If you do web site testing on a Mac and would like to use older versions of Safari then you now have the option of using Multi-Safari instead of running ten copies of Mac OS X.

Junction PHP

Junction is a new PHP 5 object persistence layer.

Serenity 2?!

Possible Serenity sequel? Shiny!