Super Mario in 14kB Javascript

Super Mario in 14kB Javascript. Very impressive little browser game that recreates some of the first Super Mario game.

Magento 1.0 en_AU Translation

I am having some issues with the Magento translation tool – mostly that it doesn't allow for version 1.0 translations – so I am posting this unofficial translation here. It's fairly complete spelling-wise and is only lacking a look over for grammatical changes and places where entirely different words are used, rather than just a spelling change. An example that springs to mind is "State/Province" possibly being changed to "State/Territory". Download: en_AU_10 It should install like any other translation. Read On →

Magento 1.0 Released

The first production version of Magento Commerce has been released. I'll be checking through the new release later today to see if I have to make any changes to my modules – now that the software is stable I can be more confident about working on the Australian module and translation.

WordPress 2.5

I have just finished upgrading the site to use the latest version of WordPress. Overall it was a pretty fast and painless upgrade. The new version most obviously (to me) brings a redesigned admin area and some extra convenience was managing a blog. A good upgrade and well worth the 5 minutes it took to install!


If anyone is interested in discussing the Australian versions of QuickBooks then check out which was recently launched by Fontis.

Ah Bugsā€¦

I discovered a few flaws in my Magento Australia module, all of which were due to my own silliness. It's funny how bugs tend to pop up in the simplest of places due to the developer missing them while he concentrates on the more advanced stuff. The first, which was pointed out by Ajazza on the initial post I made for the module, concerned Australia Post shipping to New Zealand. Apparently Australia Post does not offer sea shipping to NZ because the price was coming up as $0.00! Read On →

BPAY Added to Australian Magento Module

I got BPAY working last night and have added it, as well as the direct deposit functionality created previously, to the Australia module page on the Fontis site. Hopefully the instructions are clear enough: the module as a whole is started to get more complicated now that I had to start defining custom template files.

The Magento Machine Rolls On: Direct Deposit Added

I have just finished adding a basic direct deposit payment module to my Australian Magento module. Development only took a day – again, because I didn't understand some basic things to do with the Magento/Zend framework – and was mostly done by replicating functionality for the Check/Money Order module that's already in Magento. Although direct deposit is currently lumped in with the rest of the Australian stuff I could always extract it if people in other countries would find it useful. Read On →

Unofficial Australian translation for Magento

To go along with my previous post on how to enable the en_AU locale in Magento, here is my unofficial, incomplete translation for said locale: To install, simply unzip it to app/locale/ alongside the existing en_US locale directory. Please note that this is incomplete – I haven't made changes to things like "Zip Code" for example. I have requested an official Australian locale and translation be added so hopefully I can move some of these changes across to the core soon, maybe for inclusion in the next version of Magento?

Magento Australia Locale HOWTO

Update: Please note that en_AU is now included by default in Magento so all this is unnecessary. Simple tip here on how to enable the "English (Australia)" locale in Magento: simply go to app/etc/config.xml and, under config->global->locale->allow->codes add in the text <en_AU/>. Your config file should have something similar to the following: </p> <pre> <config> <global> <locale> <allow> <codes> <en_AU/> </pre> <p> You can even do this before installation to allow the selection of the Australian locale during the install process.