What every programmer should know about memory

Recommended article over at LWN: What every programmer should know about memory, Part 1.

YSlow 0.8

YSlow 0.8 has been released.

ACCC to target Google parent company

According to the ABC website the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC) legal action against Google no longer includes the global internet company's Australian and Irish subsidiaries. Say what? I didn't realise the ACCC had a problem with Google's search results! Going and looking at the results themselves I have to wonder what the problem is: Do the results look "misleading"? Here's a version highlighting the sponsored links: I think having the sponsored links off to the right and at the top of the main results highlighted with a different background colour makes it pretty obvious they're different. Read On →

Berkeley lectures online

UC Berkeley now gives the world access to a range of its classes via YouTube.

Chris sees an iPhone

I had the opportunity to see an actual iPhone in action today. I must say that, even though I've seen plenty of pictures and read a bunch of reviews on the product, I was surprised as how nice it looked. They're quite small and the touch interface is pretty slick. Browsing the web with Safari was pretty simple for such a small device and a couple other apps I saw looked good as well. Read On →

Lessons in Software Estimation

Post by Steve McConnell about estimation experiences in real life.

New PC: Musings

The new computer is up and running with everything working well. I thought I'd go through some of the things I've noticed and learned. Setting drive letters in Windows Windows sucks at drive selection. When I first installed Windows I had two drives in there that had already been formatted. These came up as C: and D: and the newly formatted drive, after taking into account two DVD drives and my card reader (that comes up as four separate disk drives), my Windows partition was listed as K:. Read On →

The Holy Mail

Glen Lipka goes through some of his discoveries for developing the ultimate email template.


AnimeCons.com is a site listing anime conventions from all over the world.

Deluge Web Interface

In [my last post on Deluge][1] I commented that one of the things the BitTorrent client was lacking was a web interface. That situation has been rectified by a recent plugin that provides WebUI capabilities. After taking a look at what is offered I can say that it looks very promising but isn't quite at a stage where you'd want to use it for anything but the most basic administration of your torrents. Read On →