Woe Is MVC

I have recently been developing a new web site and automated processing system for Aussie Interconnect. After looking around at various frameworks for PHP (CakePHP, Symfony, etc) I settled on Code Igniter. I decided to go with CI because of it's simplicity, adequate documentation and high-quality code. There's just one thing that I ran into recently that has caused me a bit of consternation and is the subject of this post. Read On →

Requirement Specifications and Risk

I was skimming through Death March today and was reading a bit on specifications and one thing kind of jumped out at me. I have been thinking a lot about risk management lately, mostly since I recently had to write a workshop handout for the 3rd year students, so this struck me as rather interesting. The thing that jumped out at me was that Yourdon suggests specifying risks associated with requirements as part of the requirements specification. Read On →

Inaugural Post

Hello everyone and welcome to my new website – and the first post of my blog! The old site was pretty bad and hacked together just to get something up. I planned to eventually develop it into a simple content management system but time and elemental forces prevented me from doing so. Instead, I tried out a bunch of existing software and eventually settled on WordPress. I must say that I'm highly impressed with the system and I can see why it's one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world. Read On →

Software Engineering Booklist (Part 1)

This list was originally published on the old site so I thought I'd reproduce it here since these books are so useful. I hope to start putting some reviews of them up soon. I've tried to put a couple of links up for each book where you can get more information, as well as a link to Amazon where you can purchase it (and I can get a small cut). General software development Beck, Kent. Read On →